Monday, February 16, 2009

The Storm? before the Storm?

I think the days are just getting crazier the closer my departure date comes. I have an enormous list of things to do, yet more things keep popping up here and there just to add some spice, I guess. I feel constantly torn between 2 or 3 options, wondering which one I want or need to do the most before I leave. I think there is this unspoken rule that goodbyes can only be said within a week or two of departure, no earlier. I wish I could spend some quality time with everyone but instead I seem to get little snippets here and there. I hope everyone knows how sincerely I will miss you all. Please know that I love little updates here and there. It is really easy to feel disconnected when you don't hear from good friends and family.
I've started packing... well there's a large pile in a designated spot in my room and a large bag can be found somewhere at the bottom of it. I've got a few things coming in the mail like surge protectors and such. As far as stuff goes, I think I'm prepared (as prepared as it's gonna get anyway). Mentally, I'm a little overwhelmed and not quite sure whether to say I'm prepared or not. I can say that it's coming whether I'm ready or not!
Hopefully some organization and peace will come before I fly out!

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