Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins!!

So I have arrived!! I am currently sitting in a convent where we will be staying for the next 6 nights. And surprisingly they have wireless! Training hasn’t quite started yet; we have the evening to get a little settled.


Already I have learned a few things:

  • Sometimes there can be water outages of around 15 days (plus or minus)… depending on your community
  • Power outages can also be an issue
  • Transportation is not as easy as you might think… our ride from the airport in the south to the place we are staying in the north took 1 hour! (a brutal ride for our full bladders!) Volunteers may not come to town but once or twice a month. The roads are really really curvy and mountainous... and rough
  • Both the Pitons (mountains on the island) are hike-able!! So I will definitely be looking for opportunities for that!
  • Mt. Gimie… is pronounced Mt. Jimie J good to know (I will also be hiking that)
  • We are actually considered Trainees until we are sworn in (April), then we are Volunteers
  • Most of the other Trainees have the same fears I do… what do ya know!
  • Internet will be scarce depending on my community… so I will do my best for you all!


Well I am pretty exhausted. I’m gonna go get settled and get some rest. I love you all!!


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