Friday, January 16, 2009

1 month and 7 days to go...

Well, I'm just shy of a month left here in the US and life's slow but crazy. Working only 3 or 4 shifts a week hardly keeps me busy but the world has found other ways to occupy my time. Between having my purse stolen, canceling cards, opening new accounts, getting a new SSC, calling credit companies and the FTC, and finding out that my brother has mono... I'd say life is at least still interesting :) (and that's not even an exhaustive list).
I'm starting to get excited about leaving. I'm ready for a full schedule and things to do. This transition state gets old. I'm starting to gather my thoughts about what to leave and what to take. I've been reviewing all the info and papers from PC making sure I've covered everything and making lists of what still needs to be covered. It's almost too early to do anything but I feel like it's approaching fast and soon it will be a mad dash!!
PS-I found a few blogs of other St. Lucian PCVs today and I haven't been able to pry myself away from the computer all day. Any information is just so exciting... they don't tell you anything going into this stuff!!

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  1. Hi Kath-
    Lois Hill here (whose St. Lucia blog you've found- YAY! ) We (husband Scott and myself) have been in St. Lucia since late August and we are really looking forward to the next group of volunteers, coming in late Feb. We hear there may be several of you living in the north end of the island, where we are. There are only 5 of us up here now, and we are all (except one, who lives in our village) at least one bus ride away from each other. There are many PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers- get used to acronyms)in the south part of the island, and they live a lot closer to one another, so they can hang out more...I'll send you a more detailed packing list, and some general tips for preparing for life in st. Lucia if I can figure out how to share e-mail addresses without compromising anyone's privacy...... We found the packing lists provided by PC pretty inadequate. This is a really great post,and we are thrilled to be here. You will love it in St. Lucia..