Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stories From a Little Boy

Me: Hi.

Little Boy: Hi.

Me: How are you?

Little Boy: Good.

Me: Have you done anything special this weekend?

Little Boy: My class got to go to the cinema.

Me: Cool. What did you see?

Little Boy: We saw A Christmas Carol.

Me: Really! How was it??

Little Boy: It was kinda scary.

Me: It was? Why was it scary?

Little Boy: It had ghosts in it. And in the beginning there is this cut off head and it has coins for eyes.

Me: Wow. That does sound scary?

Little Boy: Yeah. There were four ghosts. The first ghost was a guy that the guy who hates Christmas used to work with. And then the second ghost was the ghost of the past. And the third ghost? The third ghost was the ghost of gifts. And the fourth ghost was a shadow and he had black hands and he kept pointing to things. And then the old man who hates Christmas falls into a casket and his feet fly up in the air like this. **little boy throws feet in the air** And then he falls down smack like this **little boy imitates falling flat on his face** And then he likes Christmas again.

Gotta love little kids…

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